With the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak vastly spreading throughout the region, Thiele Law Office is on the front line and ready to fight for you in your coronavirus litigation needs. If you have a loved one who sadly passed away due to coronavirus complications resulting from an employment environment not following or taking the necessary precautions to maintain employee safety, a wrongful death caused by another, or due to the fault of another person or company and/or medical provider, contact Thiele Law Office today to assess any potential claims available to you.


     With the unfortunate outbreak and increased death toll rising due to the coronavirus, estate planning is an essential and critical matter for you and your loved ones. Many young families and individuals do not plan for the unexpected. Having the right tools and legal documents in place prior to your passing can help alleviate any additional stress or undue hardship on your loved ones and avoid potential family disputes regarding what happens after you pass.


     Contact Thiele Law Office today for all your estate planning needs. Our staff is well-versed and experienced in drafting estate planning documents, including but not limited to Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills and Directives, Trusts, among many other estate planning documents specific to your needs.

     If you recently had a loved one pass away, our team at Thiele Law Office is experienced and ready to assist you with every step of the estate administration process. Let our team help alleviate any additional stress and help guide you through the necessary steps to finalize the estate administration of your loved one.

Contact Thiele Law Office today for all your estate planning and administration needs.