Today's modern workplace creates many different challenges ranging from employers seeking legally-compliant policies and procedures to individuals building and growing a new business or non-profit to employees asserting their rights against wrongful termination practices. The experienced legal team of Thiele Law Office can help alleviate the stress and guide employers and employees in all areas of employment and labor law.


Pennsylvania is an "at-will" employment state meaning unless you have a written agreement with your employer for a specific term, your employer may terminate your employment for any reason or no reason at all. However, there are exceptions to this "at will" employment. Employers may not terminate you in violation of Pennsylvania's antidiscrimination statutes. Pennsylvania's antidiscrimination statutes prohibit discrimination based on factors including:

  • Race; 

  • National Origin;

  • Religion; 

  • Sex; 

  • Gender;

  • Sexual Orientation; 

  • Pregnancy;

  • Age;

  • Disability;

  • Perceived Disability;

  • Record of Impairment; and

  • Use of leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Thiele Law Office has extensive experience in various areas of employment law, including Title VII discrimination and harassment actions, claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Americans With Disabilities Act, retaliation and wrongful discharge claims, and unemployment compensation appeals.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a wrongful termination, contact Thiele Law Office today at 724-838-8600 or via the online contact form to schedule a free assessment of your claim.

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